Auditoriums & Concert Halls

Hortus Audio can customize your needs for your audio installations in auditoriums & major concert venues. We propose in particular our line arrays, our bass cabinets and our EVO series.  

Boardrooms & Conference Rooms

Regardless of place or size, Hortus Audio can deliver the sound you are seeking to provide at your boardrooms.

Broadcast & Studios

Regardless of place or size, Hortus Audio can deliver the sound you are seeking to provide at your studios.

Event Productions

Hortus Audio products have been setup in major concert and event venues around the world. We propose several options in accordance with your sound requirements including our LVT line array product line as well as CBA bass cabinets among a wide range of speakers, amplifiers and processors.

Fitness & Welness

Hortus Audio offers small speakers such as our elegant birchwood Mirage product line that can be easily installed in the ceiling at fitness and wellness centres. 

Hotels & Resorts

Regardless of place or size, Hortus Audio can deliver the sound you are seeking to provide at your hotel or resort. 


Houses of Worship

Hortus Audio products, from hundreds of CT30 to our novel LVT-128 line array, have been setup in houses of worship. Whether in mosques, churches and/or other similar sites, we can provide you with the optimal sound and coverage for your audience.

Large Congregations

Hortus Audio specializes in manufacturing and assembling professional audio products for big as well as small venues. With respect to large congregations, we can provide the necessary subwoofers, amplification and speaker systems to support you in broadcasting your large congregations.

Nightclubs & Lounges

Hortus Audio speaker systems are known throughout France and in other countries for their power and precision. We offer stellar options to bring your night clubs & lounges to life.


Hortus Audio proposes audio solutions for professionals as well as end users. For example, our Mirage series consists of stunning wooden speakers that can easily be installed in the ceiling at your home. We invite you to contact us so we can see which Hortus Audio speaker(s) would work best for you.

Restaurants & Cafes

Hortus Audio sound systems have been integrated into restaurants and cafes from Hong Kong to France. We design and deliver a wide range of products to ensure customers at restaurants and cafes get the most out of their experience. 


Hortus Audio products are well placed for public display and their stellar sound quality can also bolster retail environments. From shopping mall outlets to small stores, we can provide you with a made in France sound to bolster the shopping experience.  

Stadium & Sport Venues

Hortus Audio can bring high sound performance systems to life at stadiums and sports venues. With emphasis on our LVT line array series and our CBA bass cabinet product line, we can deliver the end-to-end sound for your sporting events.


Hortus Audio provides a wide range of solutions for installing audio equipment in theatres. We invite you to send us your project specifications in order for our engineers to propose an installation best suited to the venue.

Theme Parks

Hortus Audio offers a variety of sound systems to project music at theme parks. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any sales-related and/or technical-related queries.