Our CBA Series features 5 bass cabinets, which are available as both active and passive versions.

Mono-amplified and amplified stereo versions utilize European-made digital signal processing (DSP) technology, using the DFCS (Dynamic Frequency Control of Speakers) program developed by Hortus Audio, to customize your acoustic needs. The DFCS provides dynamic management of the speakers and a limitation function that invisibly coordinates the amplifiers and loudspeakers. 

The bass cabinets are designed from the principle of double tuning (6th order). This operating principle, fine-tuned by Hortus Audio sound engineers, leads to a higher level of performance than that of more traditional bass cabinet sound systems. In addition, the reproduced frequency band is semi-cardioid.

With the support of our wide range of accessories, CBA bass cabinets power Hortus Audio’s Micromax Series of loudspeaker columns as well as our S Series & LVT line array product line.