The Micromax Series features five loudspeaker columns that range from a 40W eight-ohm model to a 700W eight-ohm version. All are equipped with pre-set DSP and each corresponds
to an HORTUS Audio-made bass cabinet. In addition, accessories such as adapters and adjustable wall mounts enable users to position the column loudspeakers according to their acoustic needs.

For the CLA810, HORTUS Audio’s premium eight x four loudspeaker column with one-inch compression, a customised flightcase has been designed to protect the eight internal loudspeakers, which emanate a frequency range of 140Hz to 18kHz. The CLA810 has directivity of -3dB while its four counterparts are characterised by -6dB directivity. The corresponding cabinets come as
either passive or stereo versions. Micromax products are carefully assembled with extruded aluminium and aluminium sheets. The loudspeakers are black or white power coated, each with a fixed point for safety cables. To enable wall mounting, four fixed points are integrated at the back of each column, two additional M10 points are also inserted, one on top and one on the bottom.

HORTUS Audio rolls out all of its own product lines to deliver loudspeakers, line arrays, amplifiers, sound cabinets and processors to professionals around the world. With over 150 audio products, the company supplies loudspeaker systems to educational facilities, theatres, stadiums, government buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, museums, lounges, clubs, congress centres, live shows / concerts, and religious ceremonies.

The audio manufacturer exports its comprehensive range of equipment across five continents in collaboration with HORTUS Audio distributors in 16 national markets. The company’s innovative R&D policies are based on rigorous scientific research and testing. Its sound systems are built from high calibre electronic components and raw materials, which they source both locally and regionally.