Amplifier specifically dedicated to the (LVT6/15) line array system

The LVT-AMP amplifier drives the LVT6-LVT15 system through a DSP using the DFCS (Dynamic Frequency Control of Speakers) program developed by Hortus Audio, which provides dynamic speaker management and a limitation function that invisibly coordinates the link between the speakers and the amplifiers.

The amp consists of 12 channels, 10 of which are amplified. Each channel encompasses a DSP. The amplification resonates via multiple speakers: 2 x 1500W at 8 ohms; 4 x 1000W at 8 ohms; 4 x 250W at 8 ohms.

With a maximum power of 8000W RMS, configured in either mono or stereo, the LVT-AMP amplifies up to eight of Hortus Audio’s 2-way passive 6′ 480W line arrays (LVT-6) and up to two of Hortus Audio’s 154 bass cabinets (LVT-15). These can also link to an additional DSP-powered subwoofer.

The LVT-AMP is made in France out of baltic birch wood and final touches are added such as polyurethane painting. A flight case for the 45 x 56 x 18 cm amplifier is available upon request.


Key features 

The DSP connection features WI-FI and a wired USB + RJ45 ethernet connection

10 x amplified channels

The amplifier’s output features 2 x supplementary XLR OUT     

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Rigging integral 4 points flying system 100% mounting compatibility with the Hortus Audio LVT series

Powered by Pascal
Processed by ALLDSP
Connection to the DSP
Wired connection: USB + RJ45 ethernet
Wireless connection: WIFI


- 12 channels processed by DSP, 10 of which are amplified channels
- 2 x 1500W at 8 Ω / 4 x 1000W at 8 Ω / 4 x 250W at 8 Ω
Maximum power: 8000W RMS
Two possible configurations:
1. Mono: 2 x LVT15 + 8 x LVT6
2. Stereo: 2 x (1 x LVT15 + 4 x LVT6)
- 2 x XLR IN + LINK
- 1 x AES IN + LINK
- 2 x supplementary XLR OUT for, e.g. an additional SUB
processed by DSP
- 2 x SPK OUT (2 points) – LVT15
- 4 x SPK OUT (4 points) – LVT6
Power supply
- 2 x Powercon 220v/240v

Product compatibility