With 100° horizontal directivity, 3-way integrated amplification, and built-in DSP, the LVT-128 features a powerful 1550W bass complemented by 800W medium loudspeakers and a 200w treble.

The LVT-128 frequency range of 60/18KHz (+/-3 dB) and nominal level of 135dB flow from the bass section’s 6th order bandpass enclosure as well as from its 1300-watt AES 12-inch loudspeaker. While the 700W medium section has a bass reflex of 2 x 8-inch speakers regulated by top notch phasing signal controllers, the 120W treble section is powered by a 1.5-inch dual compression driver. This novel line array is also available in a passive version upon request.


  Key features

2-way amplified with built-in DSP

Phase correlating system that can effectively increase the cut-off frequency limit of the medium loudspeakers and significantly improve all speech frequencies

SPL nominal level: 135dB


Related applications


- 2-way amplified with integrated DSP
RMS power: 1500W (LF) + 800W (MF + HF)
LF: 1 x 12’’ band Pass 6th order enclosure
MF: 2 x 8’’ vented enclosure
HF: 2 x 1’’ compressions
SPL nominal level: 135dB
Bandwidth (+/-3dB): 60 Hz - 18kHz
Directivity: 100° H
- Baltic birch wood
- Black polyurethane painting (2 layers)
Dimensions: H260 x D695 x W720 mm, 42 kg
2-way passive version available upon request

Product compatibility