Mini Line Array

The LVT-5 mini line array allows for optimal use in small performance halls, amphitheatres, piano bars, and conference rooms.

The amplification built into the CBA 12 bass drives the system through a DSP using the DFCS (Dynamic Frequency Control of Speakers) program developed by Hortus Audio, which provides dynamic speaker management and a limitation function that invisibly coordinates the link between the amplifiers and the line array’s 2 x 5’ loudspeakers.

The number of LVT-5 to deploy depends on the version of the CBA 12 (see CBA 12 models described in our subwoofers website section).


 Key features 

4 x LVT-5 work in accordance with 4 x different models of the CBA12

2 x 5′ medium frequency loudspeakers + 1 x 1′ driver

SPL (peak): 125 dB


Related applications


AES Power: 320 W (Program: 600 W)
MF: 2 x 5’’
HF: compression 1’’
Passive filter
Impedance: 16 Ω
Bandwidth (-6dB): 180 Hz to 20 Khz
SPL (measured): 122 dB
SPL (peak): 125 dB
Directivity: 100° H x 15° V
- Baltic birch wood
- Black polyurethane painting (2 layers)
- Dimensions: H160 x D310 x W450 mm

Product compatibility


System specifications
PACK: 1 CBA-12L + 4 x LVT-5
LF: 1000 W RMS
MF + HF: 500 W RMS
- Integrated amplifier and DSP
Bandwidth (-6dB): 45 Hz to 20 Khz
SPL (measured): 127 dB
SPL (peak): 130 dB