The 40W CLA18 is a loudspeaker that uses a phoenix connector. It works with our MIB08, particularly in small auditoriums and conference halls. Given that the CLA18 weighs less than 1 kg with a height of 14 cm, it can be placed in multiple locations throughout the venue.


Best advantages 

Integrated DSP

Directivity (-6dB): 60° V

Can be installed in a wide range of acoustic environments




Common technical specifications for the columns:
- Bandwidth (-6dB): 180 Hz to 18 kHz
- Made of extruded aluminium + aluminium sheets
- Black or white powder coated
- 4 fixing points on the rear for a wall mount (optional)
- 1 fixing point for safety cable
- 2 fixing points M10 (top & bottom)

1 x 3” Loudspeaker column
- 40 W / 8 Ω (preset DSP)
- Directivity (-6dB): 60° V
- Connections: 1 Phoenix
- Dim. H140 x D87,3 x W123,4mm
- Wht: 0.8 kg

Product compatibility