How to choose the best sound products for a successful event in 2024 ?

To ensure a successful event, you need to choose the right sound products. Sound plays an important role in any event, whether it’s a conference, concert, wedding or any other type of gathering. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. In this article, we’ll guide you […]

PLS 2019 – New line array: LVT 128

Prolight + Sound 2019 – this year, HORTUS AUDIO launched its new line array: LVT 128: With horizontal directivity 100°, 3-way integrated amplification, and built-in DSP, the LVT 128 features a powerful 1550-watt bass complemented by 800-watt medium loudspeakers and a 200-watt treble. This novel line array consists of a phase correlating system that can […]


The Micromax Series features five loudspeaker columns that range from a 40W eight-ohm model to a 700W eight-ohm version. All are equipped with pre-set DSP and each corresponds to an HORTUS Audio-made bass cabinet. In addition, accessories such as adapters and adjustable wall mounts enable users to position the column loudspeakers according to their acoustic […]


AL-HAJRAF MOSQUE – LOCATION: AL JAHRA, KUWAIT – MONDO MAGAZINE REPORT: HOUSES OF WORSHIP For over seven years now, dozens of mosques across Kuwait have been equipped with Hortus Audio sound systems to support thousands upon thousands of people in their daily religious practices. Hortus Audio, a pro-audio manufacturer based in Montpellier, France, and Our […]